02 July 2008


I really do not understand this traffic counting stuff. I am not a techno wizard and any explanation is likely to go way over my head. Particularly, if it is any more detailed than the question I pose at the end.

I do not really know why I linked it to my blog. I guess it seemed like a good thing at the time. And when the numbers were coming down pretty consistently it probably seemed like fun. I have been down to 914,000 plus a few and I have now blown back out to 1,028,396.

I am not sure how this works as the other stat and traffic counter seems to suggest that I have statistically grown and grown somewhat significantly, like double over the last 30 days. I am guessing the Alexa number is my rank and that must mean that there are others out there who are growing much faster than me. Is that how the figures should be read?

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