01 October 2009

So You Think You Can Dance? With No Panties...Oops!

You really have to wonder why you would go on a television show without any panties on. You have to wonder about this even more when it is a dancing reality TV show. Yet, this is what happened. And this is the video to prove it.

The show might be a reality TV show, but it is not live to air. So, you have also got to be wondering how this little piece of footage made it through the editing process. It would not have been all that surprising if the choice footage was edited out, and then mysteriously found its way on to YouTube or LiveLeak or something. I found it on The Huffington Post.

Looks like Fox could be in for some pretty nasty fines. I am guessing that the Federal Communications Commission, or the FCC, might be taking a closer look at the footage. And, when they do there is likely to be some sizable fine discussed. Now if Janet Jackson's nipple cost USD 550K, then I am guessing a full view crotch shot has gotta cost a little more than that.

I wonder how old she is? Are there child porn issues here? The mind boggles.

However, Fox has issued a statement saying that the young lady is, in fact, wearing panties and the video and accompanying photos show a crease in her panties...Ah, good try Fox.


Anonymous said...

Even YouTube censored it. Obviously a vagina.

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