02 October 2009

A Billion Dollar Sportsman...

This is what a billion dollar sportsman looks like. The Tiger's billion dollar income has come from sponsorship with the likes of Nike. It also helps that he is a fine golfer and a consistent winner, as the prize money is pretty good too. And winning the season ending Fed Ex Cup and the USD 10 million check also helps bump up one's earnings for the year.

I knew I should have taken my golf more seriously!


Jakartass said...

Tiger has got part of his wealth from the workers in Nike's sweatshops in Tangerang.

Rob Baiton said...


Without a doubt. Labor is cheap in Indonesia and that is why apparel producers are there in the first place.

Are you suggesting he should make a stand and ditch his sponsorship deal with Nike because of Nike's insistence on using cheap labor in Indonesia?

I thought Nike was under an obligation to comply with local prevailing laws with respect to labor / employment conditions. If it is in breach then isn't that an enforcement issue for the government.

Therefore, any failure to enforce the prevailing laws and regulations, which presumably Indonesia is comfortable with, then isn't that a government failure?

Then if Nike is in compliance with the local law, then is it still a sweatshop?

I am familiar with the Jim Keady story. I was reading something about it in the past week.

Did you wear batik today?

Is it not true that some of the batik on sale in not only Jakarta and Indonesia, but also various other places throughout the world, products of sweat shops in Yogya and Solo, among other places?

Just a little Devil's Advocating :D