14 October 2009

Maria Ozawa In Kidnapping Miyabi -- Cancelled

The reason for another Maria Ozawa (AKA Miyabi) post is simple. It allows me the opportunity to post a few more pictures (all freely available on the Internet) of her under the guise of a more serious discussion on the pros and cons of bowing to pressure from special interest religious groups.

Into the substance...

It seems that Maxima Pictures came under government pressure to abandon the idea of using Maria Ozawa in the lead role of the film "Kidnapping Miyabi". This is in spite of assurances from Maxima that they saw no reason to bow to any pressure despite the uproar and protests that ensued once it was announced that the Japanese porn star would be playing herself in the lead role.

The film is a comedy. Loosely the story is of a couple of horny college students with a Miyabi fetish deciding to kidnap her while she is on holiday in Indonesia. I am not sure that the premise of the film is all that good, but to each their own with respect to what sort of films one wants to make, and even more so with respect to what films people want to watch.

However, it would seem that the Indonesian Council of Ulemas (Majelis Ulama Indonesia / MUI) and the Islam Defenders Front (Front Pembela Islam / FPI) have coopted the Minister of Culture and Tourism to jump on board and pressure Maxima Pictures into retreating from their original plan. I wonder if this is a sign of things to come once the new film law gets up an running (assuming it survives in tact after any Constitutional Court challenge to its constitutionality).

The whole idea of the film Kidnapping Miyabi is to have Maria Ozawa in the lead role. The film just would not seem to work if you had an Indonesian actress playing the lead role. It would not work even if that Indonesian actress was a porn star in her own right. If Miyabi was to be replaced with one of Indonesia's more famous porn starlets, such as Jade Marcella, then the film may as well be entitled Kidnapping Jade. Maybe that is the way to go for Maxima.

However, it would be a reasonable guess to say that the MUI and the FPI would undoubtedly have a problem or two with that scenario as well.

In a more general sense, does this decision mean that foreign porn stars cannot even travel to Indonesia as tourists? Or is it just a simple case of foreign porn stars cannot be sponsored to work in Indonesia in any capacity even if it does not relate to their regular income generating employment? This is particularly so if the sponsored employment does not involve them "performing" their standard roles.

I wonder what does more harm to Indonesia's standing and reputation in the world; a Japanese porn actress acting in a comedy or the ongoing institutionalized corruption that plagues business and government or, perhaps, a regional ordinance that permits the stoning of adulterers and the caning of homosexuals?

A bit of a no brainer when you think about it.


H. Nizam said...

The funny thing is that MUI & FPI seems to close their eyes on the circulation of Miyabi's porn DVDs in places like Glodok. TV stations are reporting that they are sold almost freely for quite a long time, and their prices are now rising thanks to the protests.

Rob Baiton said...


I read your post.

Yep, not only Miyabi's finest, but a whole range of porn superstars are on sale. Apart from the odd raid every now and then, it seems pretty much tolerated.

By preventing Miyabi from coming to star in a comedy film, the Indonesian government is in essence saying that people cannot change and cannot be afforded the opportunity to change even if they want to.

I suppose, once a porn star, always a porn star. I think Indonesia has more important issues on its plate that will do more harm to her image abroad than Maria Ozawa starring in a comedy.

Oh well.

snizz said...

Maria Ozawa is very popular obviously among Indonesians and I'm sure many more than not want to watch this film. I have to agree that you can't change Indonesians, the influence of her will not subside regardless and as all humans should be free to make their own choices, that is thus a good result. However I fear for her life if she is to go there as I got some nasty threatening comments on my blog.

Rob Baiton said...


Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. Comments are always appreciated.

I don't know that I fear for her life if she was to go to Indonesia.

It is a good example of a storm in a tea cup.