14 October 2009

Jennifer Dunn -- Drugs Bust

Jennifer Dunn does not sound like your typical Indonesian name however there is no doubt that she is Indonesian. It seems that every now and then a young Indonesian starlet finds herself in trouble with drugs, and I find myself blogging about it. I have in the past posted about Sheila Marcia Joseph and her troubles. I should probably do another post on Sheila now that she is back in jail and pregnant.

However, back to Jennifer Dunn. Police are reporting that Ms. Dunn has been arrested with friends in a boarding house in the Cilandak area of South Jakarta. Apparently, she and her friends were involved in, and by all accounts enjoying, a little get together where drugs were brought out and shared. The police had wind of this little get together and were quick to break it up just as the party was seemingly getting started.

The police have the power to demand a urine test where there is a suspicion of drug use. Generally, being caught with methamphetamine, ecstasy, and other drugs is probably reasonable suspicion for the police to act. The urine tests for Jennifer and her two friends were positive. The urine test for her acting colleague and friend, Vicky Nitinegoro, was negative. The most likely scenario is that the police will now pressure Vicky to testify against the others as a means of avoiding prosecution himself.

This is not the first time Ms. Dunn has be busted for drugs. She was busted back in 2005 as a 16-year-old.


Anonymous said...

wow how do you know indonesian actres specially jennifer dunn??shes not really famous in indonesian but i think shes cute and sexy of course to bad pretty face with bad attitude

Rob Baiton said...


Generally, I prefer anonymous commenters to adopt a pseudonym or a pen name (or use your real name) so that if there are lots of comments I can distinguish one from the other.

I lived in Indonesia for many, many years. So, I have seen plenty of infotainment and gossip shows (probably enough to last a life time).

Besides, she has been in trouble before for drug possession. So, any future "bust" was likely to gain some notice or notoriety for her.

Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Comments are always appreciated.

Anonymous said...

im not as pretty as she is,but im blessed to have a far more functional and productive brain than those pretty sluts.she`s plain stupid!

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