01 October 2009

Noordin M Top -- Forensic Pathology Exam...

The reports in local Indonesian papers have picked up on the results of the forensic pathology exam conducted on the recently departed terrorist, Noordin M Top, which say that his anus is shaped like a funnel and the pathologist suspects that he had been sodomized. The doctor that carried out the exam is none other than Mun'im Idris. Idris is the same forensic pathologist that performed the Manohara exam. Idris must be the "go to man" for the high profile forensic exams.

Idris states that the forensic exam of Noordin's anus suggests that he has been sodomized at some point in his life. The good doc calls the funnel shape an anomaly, ahhh no kiddin'! I guess if it is out of the ordinary for people to have a funnel shaped anus, then I am guessing "anomaly" is probably the right word. I am wondering though whether it was a normal shaped funnel or an inverted funnel. I am not sure why I am wondering this though. Never mind.

Idris believes that his findings prove that Noordin has been sodomized. Now, the question is whether he was sodomized by someone else or did he do the deed himself. Despite being on the run for almost a decade he hardly wanted for female companionship seeing that he was married a number of times after going on the run. Then again months on end with the fellas and no female companionship might have taken its toll.

Then again, maybe this particular anomaly is the result of some crafty explosive transfers. It is said that concealing explosives inside you can fool the odd metal detector or two. I am guessing it might be a little tricky to fit a full-assembled explosive device in the space available, but perhaps Noordin and some of his companions could have transported a part each and then assembled the device once they got to wherever they were headed.

Ahhh, who really cares and why bother with the speculation. The man believed he was on a mission from God to kill as many non-believers as he could, and now that mission is over. And, what's more, he now gets to find out whether he really was on a mission from God or if it was all a misinterpretation and he is off to the fires of hell. I am going to go out on a limb here and say he was sadly mistaken and when he gets to front up for judgment he will be shuffled off to the fires of hell. The killing of innocents is not justified!

The papers are reporting that it is unclear why Idris released the findings. Not really, the man likes to see his name in print and what better way to get it there than release the forensic findings about Noordin's anomaly, aka funnel-shaped anus. It really is not that difficult to work out.

There has been some speculation about Noordin's sexual preferences. My question is, does it matter? Or is this being set up to suggest some kind of causal link between terrorists and sexual orientation. Will we soon be hearing that the big terrorist himself, Osama bin Laden, also has an anomaly? This whole thing about the anomaly is so much a beat up of next to no importance, unless terrorists are using their bodies to transport explosives.

I am not sure if I want to visualize a group of terrorists sitting around the lounge room deciding who is carrying what. Oh, Noordin with your anomaly you should be able to carry at least three sticks of TNT. And, Azahari Husin (before he wsa topped back in 2005) with your anomaly you should be able to carry a kilo of semtex. The mind boggles, doesn't it?

Noordin's family is expected to claim his body on Friday. According to police the investigation has been concluded.

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