02 October 2009

High Court and Federal Judicial Officers Get A Pay Rise...

The Remuneration Tribunal has awarded a 3 per cent pay rise to High Court and Federal Court judicial officers. However, it is expected that more rises might be on the way.

The salaries for judges are pretty good, but with increasing workloads and demands a 3 per cent pay rise might not be enough, particularly if the government is trying to attract high calibre people to the bench. For many judges coming out of private or public practice of the law quiet often means a considerable salary sacrifice, making the move a labour of love as much as anything else.

So, the 3 per cent rise takes the base salary of the Chief Justice of the High Court to a respectable AUD 446,580 annually. The Chief Justices of the Federal and Family Courts see their base salaries rise to AUD 378,170 annually.

This pay rise should also see the salaries of Supreme Court judges rise in each of the states. Supreme Court judges earn a salary pegged at 85 per cent of that earned by a High Court justice.

I do not have a problem with judges getting a pay rise as most of them more than earn it.


Scarred said...

Chief Judge gets more than PM.

Rob Baiton said...


Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. Comments are always appreciated.

Ye, this is true.

Personally, I think the PM must be paid more. But, I am not sure that I am in the majority on that one.

I do not fall into the group that believes judges should be paid less.

Padmanaban said...

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