03 October 2009

Indonesian Asylum-Seekers Sent Home...

A group of 62 Indonesian asylum-seekers who were intercepted north of Broome of the north-west coast of Australia back in September 2009 have been sent back to Indonesia. The 62 men were moved to the Christmas Island detention / refugee processing centre.

After processing their claims, it has been determined that none of them meet Australia's strict criteria for asylum. According to the Immigration Minister, Chris Evans, there was nothing that these individuals were claiming that would trigger any obligation incumbent on Australia with respect to protection. They also failed to meet any criteria to be classified as refugees under the Refugee Convention.

All of them claimed to hail from Java.

Once again, according to the minister, Australia does not issue protection visas or refugee status to those only seeking "better economic opportunities". The group 'voluntarily' returned to Indonesia.

Australia and Indonesia have a long history with respect to Indonesians seeking asylum or refugee status in Australia. The above cartoon reflects a little of that history, and can be found here.

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