16 October 2009

Meghan McCain -- That Twitpic...

Being the daughter of the former Republican presidential candidate, John McCain, probably attracts some unwarranted attention to you. However, posting a self-portrait of yourself with some exceptional cleavage is likely to bring a whole lot more. So much, in fact, that the picture gets removed from your account and you then feel the need to tweet about the "learning" experience you have just endured, and then thank your family and friends profusely for their support.

Welcome to part of the life of Meghan McCain. You can find Meghan McCain and her twitter escapades here.

Ms. McCain is a columnist with The Daily Beast. But, was probably more famous for campaigning on her father's behalf during the most recent US presidential campaign. She, is definitely more famous now and her Yahoo Search is undoubtedly buzzing as punters go in search of the now missing Twitter pic (above).

She said in the text accompanying the Twitpic: "My 'spontaneous' night in is my Andy Warhol biography and takeout." To many, this would most likely be a couple of real endearing characteristics. There are plenty of people that would have, and perhaps are sitting, sat down with an Andy Warhol biography and enjoyed some good Chinese takeout.

McCain further added that this must mean that she is getting old. I would argue the picture does not show someone who is old. Now, if I posted my picture, then that would be a picture of someone looking old.

What this story does show that in our world of instant information, the world has become a much smaller place, and much quicker too. What is nothing more than a simple picture has become in next to no time a bit of a controversy and a lot of news. It also goes to show that we as consumers have an insatiable appetite for celebrity in any form.

The picture though inspired a lot of less than inspiring comments suggesting that she was a 'slut' for posting the picture. To be honest, looking at the picture, the first thing that comes to mind is not the word 'slut'. It shows a lot of narrow-mindedness on the part of commenters who think wearing a tank-top and a pair of sweat pants makes one a slut. But, that is the nature of the world sometimes, people with nothing positive to say still feel the urge to let their fingers get into gear before their brain catches up. Sad!

Keep on tweeting!

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