17 June 2009

Tattoo Regrets?

Getting a tattoo is usually quite the experience, and for some it is one they might live to regret. However, in Belgium the case for regret might be not only extreme but somewhat expensive to reverse.

A Belgian teenager managed to get half of her face tattooed with 56 black stars. Kimberley Vlaeminck (photo courtesy of here), who is 18, claims that she went to a popular tattoo parlour and asked for three little stars. To avoid the pain, she claims she went to sleep. But, when she woke up she found that the tattoo artist was starting on her nose and had already inked onto the left side of her face some 56 stars.

The woman has decided to sue the tattoo parlour and the artist, Rouslan Tomaniantz, according to the Flemish Daily, Het Laaste Nieuws, because the tattoo is not what she wanted and she is now too embarrassed to head out of her house.

I have a few tattoos myself, and I have got to say that during the process of being tattooed, sleep was the furthest thing from my mind at the time. I am proud to say none of my tattoos were inked while I was drunk and I have no regrets on any of them. Each has significance to me and were inked for particular reasons and at particular times.

That said, I just cannot see how one could sleep during the process of getting a facial tattoo and more specifically, getting 56 stars inked on your face.

This seems to be more like a girl thinking a facial tattoo would be cool and getting one done. Then, she goes home and the parents, or the husband, or the friends, blow a gasket and there are some immediate regrets.

The thing with tattoos is that they are so much more expensive to get removed than they ever are to get inked on in the first place.


ace said...

I think the girl is a liar. I find it hard to believe that a tattooist would do something like that against a person's will. How can someone even fall asleep and not feel the tattoo being performed? That just doesn't make any sense to me.

Rob Baiton said...


Me too!

Find it hard to believe that the artist would do it against her will or while she was asleep or even if she was really drunk. Your reputation as an artist and as a parlour would be shot.

As I said, when I have had my tattoos done, sleep was the furthest thing from my mind.

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