10 June 2009

Manohara Odelia Pinot -- Part IV -- The Medical

AFP is reporting that Manohara has undergone a medical examination and the doctor / forensic expert, Mun'im Idries, has found slash marks all over her body. Some of the slash marks are reportedly still fresh (I am guessing this means they are not fully healed).

The doctor added that the urine and blood work has not been finalized. The urine and blood work results are needed as a part of the claim made by Manohara was that she was injected with unknown substances. Although, the doctor did say that an injection mark was found on her back. The injection claims are interesting. Manohara alleges that the prince, Tengku temenggong Mohammad Fakhry of Kelantan State, injected her with something that incapacitated her and the injections were given before sexual intercourse was initiated.

The medical reports, as noted in previous parts of this series of posts, are key to proving that there was harm done to her. It still has to be proved that these wounds and other injuries that Manohara has sustained were the result of the actions of the prince or others acting on the prince's orders.

The AFP report is not saying anything about tests related to the rape in marriage allegations. I would have figured in light of the alleged sexual appetite of the prince that a rape kit might have been worthwhile in order to document any injuries. Then again, these might have been done but are not being reported.

It seems that Farhat Abbas, a (in)famous Jakartan lawyer, has taken up her cause. According to Farhat, the medical confirms Manohara's story. I am not so sure that it proves anything other than the fact that Manohara has sustained injuries and suffered trauma. For my mind the allegations still have to be tested in a court of law. In the court of public opinion, perhaps, Farhat is right in his assumption. Furthermore, Farhat has said that Manohara has lodged an official written report with the Indonesian police. This report names not only the prince, but a number of others as well.

What is interesting now is how the case proceeds. The alleged abuse, the accused, and perhaps the majority of the witnesses are located in Malaysia. The ability of the Indonesian police to investigate and prosecute this case seems difficult and remote in all likelihood. The Indonesian police have admitted as much. Abubakar Nataprawira, the National Police Force spokesperson, noted that the police have received the report and will be forwarding it to their Malaysian counterparts for further action.

The plot thickens. I am sure their will be a Manohara Odelia Pinot -- Part V.


Anonymous said...

nice analysis you have here on the case.
AFP did not report anything about the effect of the rape to Mano's body, but it was reported in Indonesian gossip news.


Mano also told reporters that she knew it won't be easy to fight powerful people. But she said the most difficult part for her was "getting stuck there".
She will fight to the best of her ability, but she has already been thankful to God now that she's free.


akhyari hananto said...

It gets more and more complicated, if not interesting. We all know how those malaysian kings and princes behave, but i think Manohara made a lapse when she said that RI ambassador must resign, which resulted a counter-allegation, that her mother is one of the interpol fugitive. This brought so much stress and demotivation to manohara. I think...

Anonymous said...

There should be manohara Odelia Pinot Part V.
What about "The Police Complaint"?



Rob Baiton said...


Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

Yes, I read the news. Selective reporting on AFP's part. Nevertheless, the tearing noted in the forensic exam does not necessarily prove rape (or even rape in marriage).

The tears could have occurred for a number of explainable reasons and I would guess the defense, assuming this ever goes to trial, would make at the appropriate time.

Powerful people can always be brought down.


Thanks for commenting.

I don't know if it is "demotivation". It is, though, a little ironic that the mother is also wanted for allegedly abusing an Indonesian maid while in France.

Rob Baiton said...


I mentioned the police complaint. But, I guess I can do a more detailed analysis of the complaint.

It is good to see that Hotman Paris is on the case. He is always good for entertainment as he is certain to make outrageous statements. I can recall a few from the Schapelle Corby case.

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