24 June 2009

Swine Flu In Indonesia...

It seems that Indonesia has recorded its first cases of swine flu or the H1N1. Both cases have been detected in Bali and it seems that the infected individuals are tourists. At least one of them resides in Australia. This has given Indonesia cause for concern that Australians are bringing swine flu to Indonesia through Bali.

This might be one for the conspiracy theorists and those on the House of Representatives Commission I on Defense, Intelligence, Foreign Affairs, Communications and Information, who might be inclined to do a little sabre rattling about how foreign interests are trying to undermine Indonesia.

As you can see, the US President is not taking any chances.


GJ said...

Yes let's break out the "Grassy Knoll" crowd, they always make me laugh/cry.


Rob Baiton said...


I figured that stirring the pot with the conspiracy theories (AKA the "grassy knoll") that I might have attracted a few more comments.

Oh well!

Maybe I need to write something about Michael Jackson.