02 June 2009

Alleged Indonesian Criminals In Australia...

Dapit Sinaga

Mangirim Napitupulu

Lioe Oij Min

Lisbet Aprilawaty Sinaga

Henry Guntoro Lioe

Elriva Krisnawati Lioe

Adelin Lis

It seems that Australia might be harbouring at least seven Indonesians that are on a list of 120 of the most wanted international criminals. The list is maintained by Crime Stoppers International and is a centerpiece of their global campaign, Operation I.N.F.R.A, to see the people on the list found, arrested, and prosecuted.

Whether the seven Indonesians remain in Australia is still to be determined. However, it does appear that they have at some point transited through this fine land. The seven, Henry Guntoro Lioe; Elriva Krisnawati Lioe; Lioe Oij Min; Adelin Lis; Mangirim Napitupulu; Dapit Sinaga; and Lisbet Aprilawaty Sinaga, are all wanted for offenses ranging from money laundering to fraud.

The fact that these individuals made their way to Australia in the first place says one of two things; they are either good at what they do in that they were able to get into Australia or Australia's border security is a little too lax in some areas.

If you know anything about these individuals then you are asked to contact Crime Stoppers toll free on 1-800-333-000 or at their website crimestoppers.com.au. All tips can be anonymous.


Harry Nizam H. said...

Hi Rob,
In this case Indonesia badly needs all the help that it can get from friendly countries like Australia.
Thank you for information.

Rob Baiton said...


I guess we will see if Operation I.N.F.R.A turns up any of the suspects.

I would have figured that if they were here and hiding out amongst the Indonesian community here then someone would know. Whether or not they tell is a different matter altogether.

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