04 June 2009

Really? Privacy?

I went to the doctor yesterday to get a check-up. The check-up was more for peace of mind rather than anything else, particularly when you have recently been blessed with the addition we have to our family in the form of Will. You tend to want to make sure everything is running smoothly and like a well-oiled machine. Anyways, the end result of the trip to the doctor was a blood test this morning.

The doctor said something about testing blood sugar levels and cholesterol, and then gave me a standard form for the lab/pathology people. I just whacked the form in my bag and headed home without reading it.

This morning after fasting for 10 hours or so, off I headed to the lab, for the inevitable test.

It was a fascinating affair to be sure. The nurse or pathology person or whatever one is known as in a pathology lab gave me a serve because my medicare had a different last digit (which represents the number of cards you have had) was different to that which the doctor had printed on the form. Smile No. one and a promise to rectify the "problem" as soon as possible. Then it was off into the little room to be stabbed and have my blood drawn.

Now, while walking to the lab I took the opportunity to have a squiz at the form and see if I could work out what the letter codes meant for what was being tested. There seemed to be a lot more letters than what I believed I was being tested for, blood sugars and cholesterol. So, in my infinite wisdom, I figured I would ask the woman drawing my blood what all the letters meant. And, this is the fun part.

"I cannot tell you because of privacy legislation". Huh? And, on she goes, "Doctors are allowed to test your blood for all manner of things before talking to the patient". Huh? They can? I was struggling to contain myself from bursting out laughing considering the needle was still in my arm. But, I could not contain the smile. As this is total and utter crap.

So, in my most nonchalant of ways I asked her whose privacy was at stake when it was my blood? And, since when could doctors take samples from their patients without the patients knowledge? Unfortunately, I had filled up the necessary vials and she hurried out, presumably to the next but yet to arrive patient.

Oh well, I guess I will just have to ask the doctor once the results are in.


GJ said...

Sorry Rob, Doing blog catch up in reverse order too!!!. How is the cholesterol anyway, I recall 4 is a number to aim at from my old Blood Analyser days.


Rob Baiton said...


Cholesterol is fine.

All is well, at least for the moment.