04 June 2009

Corby Goes Back to Prison

It is clear that suffering depression is not going to save you from jail or doing the remaining time on your sentence. It is also pretty clear that throwing a tantrum and locking yourself in a bathroom is also not going to prevent the inevitable. It may delay the inevitable for a little while but it won't delay the inevitable forever.

So, after 12 days of intensive treatment for her depression, Corby is now back in prison. I am certain that this is all going to happen again sooner or later. That is, a return of the depression in force and another stay in hospital. If I was a betting man, I would be betting on sooner. Her psychiatrists (or the less PC, shrinks) have determined that all further treatment can be done back in prison and there is no longer any need for the creature comforts of a regular hospital.

I am not sure that continually antagonizing the Indonesian authorities it the way to go. The alleged yelling and screaming that was directed at the Kerobokan Prison's Security Chief or the Prison's Governor is probably not going to facilitate better conditions for Corby.I guess sometimes you just have to pull your head in and do the best you can.

The saga continues...


Simba said...

In fairness to Schapelle, I feel the need to provide some clarification on the comments made in this post.

When the prison authorities came for Schapelle, after a mere 12 days in hospital suffering severe depression, they came at 8.30pm, totally unannounced. Schapelle was given no prior warning that they were coming for her that night, extremely inconsiderate don’t you think?

They did, however, notify the media, so they could get their story for the day, and Schapelle was led out to a waiting car, after dark, with flash bulbs going off in her face.

As we now know, Schapelle has gone insane, so throwing a tantrum at the time, knowing full well that you are going to be dragged back to your squalid prison cell and away from your mother, who is in the hospital room with you, is quite understandable.

The eminent and highly qualified Dr Phillips’ recent report on Schapelle, states categorically that she will not recover, all the while she remains in the toxic environment of the prison. Her actual Indonesian psychiatrist, Dr Thong, never said that she had recovered sufficiently, after a mere 12 days in hospital, to go back to prison and be treated there. This assumption was made by the Doctors in the hospital, Doctors who never actually examined Schapelle the whole time she was there, never even came to her room!

With regard to the Prison Governor’s visit, he came to the hospital one night, late at night, once again totally unannounced, and stood over Schapelle’s sleeping body looking at her. Her mother, who was in the room at the time, awoke to find a strange man standing over her daughter and she told him to bugger off. I would have done the same. Had he given notice that he was going to visit Schapelle, and had introduced himself on arrival, this incident would never have occurred.

Let’s hope that the next time Schapelle goes to hospital, and it will happen somewhere, sometime, it is to receive further psychiatric treatment; not a blood transfusion to save her life because she has slashed her wrists.

Rob Baiton said...


This must be the balance thing that you have been talking about.

I am happy for you to provide the added detail.

Thank you for adding the context.