10 June 2009

Manohara Odelia Pinot -- Part VI -- The Demo

You know there just has to be a sixth installment to this saga, and here it is. I should probably warn you that the seventh installment in this series is on the way as well. I still have a long way to go to catch up to Unspun in terms of the number of Manohara related posts. You can check Unspun out here.

For a young woman who has been kidnapped, physically abused, and raped, I am impressed that she has found the time to attend a demonstration at the Malaysian Embassy in Jakarta to protest Malaysia's not so secret attempts to get their hands on the Ambalat Block. The demo was organized by Laskar Merah Putih. Manohara (photo courtesy of Detik) and Laskar Merah Putih might seem like strange bedfellows, but I guess whatever keeps you in the news and the front page is plausible.

It is interesting that Mano, which seems to be what the local Indonesian press are calling her, has become very political on her return to the Motherland. According to Mano, "Ambalat absolutely belongs to Indonesia and therefore there is nothing to talk about". Sounds like a plan to me. So, how about these kidnap, abuse, and rape charges now that we have Ambalat squared away in Indonesia's favour?

I have nothing negative to say about Mano or her attendance at the demo. Although, it appears that not everyone was happy with her turning up. As I said in the previous post, just about everything she turns her hand to for the foreseeable future is going to be a bit of a circus.

The Mano saga continues. I wonder what is in store for us on Thursday?


Anonymous said...

as far as I know, this Laskar Merah Putih is one of the few groups (if not the only one) who staged demonstration to free manohara when she was still being kept in the palace against her will.
So now Mano did something in return...

I guess she sent a very strong message to the Palace

Rob Baiton said...


As I write to all my anonymous readers, I would appreciate it if you adopted a pen name so that I can distinguish you from the other anonymous posters. It can be as simple as a single letter if you want.

If you have been following my posts then you will know that I am of the opinion that the allegations against the prince still have to be proved.

At the moment it is still just a case of "she said, he said" even with the photos currently floating around the internet (and conveniently posted on my blog).

Maybe she did do something in return for Laskar Merah Putih but according to some accounts not all in attendance at the demo were pleased with Mano's appearance there.

Whether it sends a strong message to the Palace is a matter of opinion.

Anonymous said...

Hello Rob,
this is Ning.
Yes maybe its difficult to prove that the torture marks on Mano's body were done by husband.

But will it be difficult that Mano was held agains her will? I think the authority in Jeddah (where Mano was kidnapped after doig minor pilgrimage), and the Singapore police force, they all can tell the truth for that matter.
Manohara also lodge a police report in Singapor before, according to Datuk Kadar Shah.

The lawyers said that it was not solely the matter of abuse and torture, but also perampasan kemerdekaan (holding someone against her/his will?).

Have you read the first hand account of Datuk Kadarshah?

Rob Baiton said...


Thanks for the link. Yes, I have read the account. It is interesting and puts a different spin on what went on.

However, in terms of the intricacies of the various allegations it is still pretty much "she said, he said".

I am not suggesting for a minute Manohara is not telling the truth. I am merely pointing out the difficulties that would need to be overcome if this went to trial.

In terms of the kidnapping, I still do not know that this is as simple as calling the authorities in Jeddah and Singapore. Maybe the authorities in both of these countries could testify to any assistance that they provided to Manohara.

In the case of the Singaporean authorities they acted on the claims of Manohara and her mother that Manohara was kidnapped. Yet, Manohara is on the public record saying that her return home from Singapore was not an escape. As I have said numerous times, it has the potential to be a very interesting case, so I will keep following it for now.