26 June 2009

Michael Jackson RIP

This is a story of talent, triumph, tragedy, and potential.

The death of Michael Jackson at 50 is tragic. It brings to end an unbelievable music career. The man was not without his detractors and not without controversy. However, he has created a legacy that will endure long after his untimely death.

May you find a peace in death that you never seemed to truly find in life.

Michael Jackson (1958 - 2009) Rest in Peace.


A Feminist Blog said...

He is really controversial. I believe no other singer or musician will have such a controversy. :)

Rob Baiton said...


I do not think that there will be another Michael Jackson. I am of the same opinion on the fact that there will never be another Elvis (no second name required) or John Lennon, for example.

Will there be other controversial artists, without a doubt, yes.

Jackson's musical legacy will remain forever. He was an incredible talent. However, the controversy that dogged him throughout his later life will always be a footnote to his greatness.

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