06 December 2010

Tattoos and Women...

I am a fan of tattoos. I always have been, and I cannot see any reason why I won't always be a fan.

Tattoos, like other great art, can be appreciated for not only their beauty but the stories they tell. When I started getting tattoos, tattoos were yet to be the mainstream that they are today. I am not suggesting for one minute I am a trend-setter or that I preceded the trend. Rather, I am merely pointing out how things change. I am pretty certain that trends come and go much more easily than some people appreciate. You really have to love what you get. This is particularly so when your family is not so keen on the skin art that you may get done.

I am also a pretty keen watcher of tattoo programs like Miami Ink, LA Ink and Tattoo Wars, particularly while I was in Indonesia (I always seemed to have more time for TV).

Here is a collection of artwork that I have discovered on the internet. I just did a simple search for tattoos and women. I came up with these.

Art-wise, I really like this one!

Kat Von D of LA Ink fame. One of my favourite portrait artists. I hope one day to get some work done by her, a portrait of course!

I saw this one and just had to post it! After all, who gives a magazine a title like "Prick"?

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