06 December 2010

Miyabi: Is She or Isn't She in Indonesia?

Nothing like a little bit of controversy to promote a film. Whether Maria Ozawa's latest Indonesian film, Hantu Tanah Kusir, is any good or not is almost irrelevant now. Simply, the controversy and mystery surrounding the use of a Japanese porn star in an Indonesian movie combined with the fact that Maxima pictures, the film production company, says she is here, but for security reasons will not disclose where ensures maximum attendance at theaters where the film is scheduled to be screened. This is particularly so when Maxima seems to be playing up the idea that Miyabi is going to be doing some meet and greet the fans at select movie theaters throughout the country.

To be honest, it seems unlikely that security will ever be tight enough to warrant a "meet and greet" with Miyabi. It is certain that if the white-robed thugs and proponents of religious tolerance, the FPI, ever got wind of a Miyabi appearance that they would be there in a heartbeat and looking to stop the heartbeats of a few attendees. In any event, the FPI have made it clear that there intent is to effect a citizen's arrest on Miyabi and then take her to the nearest airport and forcibly deport her. No, they do not have the right to effect a citizen's arrest against a foreign national legally visiting or resident in Indonesia who has not broken any laws.

Miyabi has broken no laws. She would be, assuming she is, in the country legally. Maxima would have ensured that they dotted all the "i's" and crossed all the "t's" on this one. Yet, it is worth noting that this means nothing to the FPI and the law enforcement officials charged with maintaining law and order would almost certainly let the FPI get away with any outrage of this nature.

What is really interesting is the outrage that the FPI projects against the presence of Miyabi is seemingly so disproportionate for other foreign porn stars that have recently made films in Indonesia. Among the more well-known porn stars to grace the Indonesian silver screen of late have included Rin Sakuragi, Leah Yuzuki and Tera Patrick. Yes, the pictures will appear below. After all, it is important to know what you are protesting against, right? And, all these photos are freely available on the internet with a simple search of the relevant actresses names. These are not my pictures!

A major Indonesian language newspaper, Republika, has suggested that the government needs to put an end to the practice of permitting foreign porn stars from appearing in Indonesian films. However, it would seem that the Indonesian Minister for Culture and Tourism, Jaco Wacik, is of the opinion that providing these individuals are not breaking any Indonesian laws and regulations, then it is impossible under the current framework to prevent them. He has a point in that the films to date where these foreign porn stars have cut their non-porn acting teeth have been, well, non-pornographic. In fact, they have all been passed without any issues being raised by the Indonesian Film Censorship Board (Lembaga Sensor Film / LSF).  

The pictures:

Leah Yuzuki

Rin Sakuragi

Tera Patrick

I have already posted heaps of Maria Ozawa / Miyabi photos in the past. So, feel free to search for them here. My guess is that a simple Maria Ozawa or Miyabi search will find them all.

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