10 December 2010

Has Obama Quit Smoking?

Robert Gibbs, the White House Press Secretary, has said he has not seen the "Boss" on the cancer sticks for some nine months. However, he knows that the smoking habit (or addiction) is one that the President struggles with on a  daily basis. Yet, there has been some suggestion that Obama has gone "cold turkey" and no longer smokes. Let's face it, if the man was not smoking, he would surely be drinking, right?

But, in all seriousness, good luck to the man. He will be much better for it, if he has indeed pulled the plug and ceased to ingest the toxins that are cigarettes.

I am wondering whether the commander-in-chief quitting the smoking habit is going to have any direct impact on others? Will people take the Obama worship stuff to the level that they will quit too? Conversely, will Republican and Tea Party types start smoking just to prove how anti-Obama they really are?

The mind boggles.

I have never been a smoker. But, I am in support of laws and regulations that restrict where the habit can occur in public places. If smokers want to smoke and kill themselves in the process,then I am fine with that. If they want to argue that they have a human right to kill themselves with tobacco,then I am fine with that. But, if they want to invade my space with nasty cancer-causing fumes, then they are invading and violating my basic human right to life, and that is something they must be restricted from doing.

However, if I am stupid enough to go to a place where smoking is still permitted, legally, such as just about anywhere in Indonesia (although there are regulations in place to protect public facilities, but enforcement is slack), and ingest those nasty fumes then that is a personal choice of mine and the consequences are ones that I must live with.

So, what does the 'big man' say? Well, Obama acknowledges that it is a struggle and that it is one where he has fallen off the wagon on occasion. But, he is not a daily smoker. Giving credit where credit is due. That, sir, is a good start.

The images, if you are wondering, are pulled from the internet. Speaking of which, it would seem that the first two images are mirror reversed and one of them has been photoshopped. Iwill leave it to the experts to work out which one! The last one is really just to suggest that smoking is really like rolling up your own cash and burning it...priceless or pointless?


electronic cigarettes said...

The president has his own will to stop smoking, not unless his/her doctor would advise him stop because it might affect his performance.

Dino said...

Rob, I am a smoker.
My reason is this:
1. Smoking gives me pleasure.
2. That pleasure from smoking increases my quality of life.
3. Should I not enjoy smoking anymore, then I will gladly stop.
4. Although smoking causes many illness and decreases you "quantity" of life, I prefer quality over quantity.
5. As a smoker I despise ignorant smoker as they give us "polite" smoker a bad name. Both polite smoker and non smoker should go against these ignorant smoker, rather than vilify all smokers...:D

Rob Baiton said...

@ Electronic Cigarettes...


If I am not mistaken, his doctors have indeed advised him to quit.

Rob Baiton said...

@ Dino...

Apologies on the delay in responding. I do have a lame excuse like I was on holidays and no internet connection :)

I am all for people smoking if they so desire.

I do not know that I am vilifying all smokers. But ...

Anonymous said...

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