10 December 2010

Sheila Marcia, Anji, and Leticia

I have been thinking of doing an update piece on Sheila Marcia Joseph. The former drug convict and now mother. The piece was to be a sort of "how to turn your life around, or not". So, I have been surfing around the internet today in search of some background. I then came across this choice piece on Blogindostar. It is difficult to read, but it is an excellent advertisement as to the limitations of translation programs. My guess is that this is likely Google translate as it is the easiest to access free online, or at least it was when I last had a look at it.

So, if any one does need some translation done. I offer reasonable rates and a quality guarantee.

Maybe, I will get around to writing that piece, but in the meantime, enjoy reading this superb bit of translation work.

"Drive band vocalist, Anji recognize if a child is Sheila Marcia, Leticia Agraciana Charlotte Joseph, were as children. The decision to admit it's been thought for a long time. "Yeah I'm Leticia is a child," he said at the Global TV studio in Kebon Sirih.

According to Anji Drive, if Leticia is her confidence grew when he saw and picked Leticia. "Her lips are very similar to me, thick. Pas cradled him like there is bonding and indeed earlier in the month of August Sheila could let me know if she was pregnant with me. Honesty really shocked and sad, but yes to know how else has happened, yes thank and grateful for it, "added singer song 'Perfect Woman' is.

Moreover, said Anji, she did not need to do a DNA test. "It is necessary pake DNA test, I was sure if he's me. After all of Sheila or her mother Leticia Sheila also felt sorry when you grow up. Leticia was afraid he was browsing on the Internet will know dianya pity, so you do not have to be better, "he added.

Throughout the interview, Anji always praised Sheila. "I know how strong she was maintaining her womb and everyone must admit that Sheila is a very powerful woman. Imagine a new course was pregnant and in jail by listening to the talk that is not necessarily pleasant. According to me it was amazing," he explained.

Communication between Anji and Sheila were spelled out quite smoothly. From start to Sheila Sheila gave birth to contain both still communicate. However, it was when Sheila gave birth to Anji not be next to Sheila. This was done because of thinking about feelings Anji many parties. "I must consider many things, especially Rini. Because at that position I and Rini had been returned again."

"I must also consider the family Rini, family, management and the band, and it must dipikirin while the news was very intense that I was the father. It's stressful for all parties to press," he continued. Anji also apologize to all parties. "Make it all before I apologize and if the rumors arise, I'm sorry I know this is not good to do. But with my good intentions this hopefully will not happen to other people."

"Create Sheila thanks for being a great woman and aunt (Sheila mom) thanks for keeping Sheila and make Leticia hopefully become a strong boy." "The problem with his foster the rights, I would treat him why. But for now Sheila said you would ngasuh itself once said," he closed."

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