10 December 2010

Luna Maya Is Sad...

I abominate all honourable respectable toils, trials, and tribulations of every kind whatsoever. It is quite as much as I can do to take care of myself ...

- Ishmael (From Moby Dick)

It is the essence of gossip that there are so many personal struggles that would be time better spent that gloating over the trials and tribulations of others as we watch their lives unravel on national TV and in the tabloids. Ho hum...

The saga that is Peterporn and the trial of Nazriel 'Ariel' Irham is destined to take its toll on many more than just the man in the middle of all this. There are those novice female porn stars who took part in the sex tapes, the extended families of all, the lawyers and prosecutors, and the fans and other supporters. Perhaps it is worth having a sneak peak at Luna Maya and her struggles with this particular 15-minutes of fame that she did not expect or seek.

Luna Maya was famous before this sex tape, and she will continue to be famous after it. The sex tape will be something that is always there, but ultimately it is not going to be the sole event that defines her or her career. There is no doubt that the public's fascination with the intimate details of the sex lives of the rich and famous will ensure that the sex tape always remains an interview question, the reality is that there will be other celebrities with more juicy scandals to follow in the future. Once this trial is done and dusted, then interest will subside and life will get back to some degree of normalcy for all involved, including me.

Luna Maya is the girlfriend in this sex tape saga. The video that she is in is a grainy, poor quality mobile phone job. What is sad about this is that people film themselves all the time. What is sad about this is that sometimes these "home movies" include footage that is better left in private circles. What is sad about this is that despite your best intentions, there are always those that will exploit your fame for 15-minutes of fame for themselves. What is sad is that the ignorant here are winning the war.

This is just a sex tape, nothing more and nothing less. It is not earth-shattering footage. It is not the end of the world. God is not going to cast thunderbolts down to earth and destroy it and us because Ariel and Luna Maya got down and dirty. More to the point, and God aside, there has been no crime committed here. This is a tape that was created for personal purposes. I am pretty sure it was not created for the purposes of playing on the big screen in the background to future marriage nuptials. I am not going to judge them for making the tape. To each their own.

The legal issues are just as interesting to me as the fascination we have as human beings with the misfortune of others. For example, if Ariel is guilty of helping distribute the sex tape, then where is the actual perpetrator who did the distributing? And, why is this person not on trial somewhere? Even more critical is the chain of possession of the offending sex tapes.

The prosecution case looks weak, very weak. One has to wonder why this case ever went forward, particularly as it seems to be a "test case" with respect to the provisions of the law indicted here.

If the tapes were stolen, then Ariel and Luna Maya are victims. So, if Luna Maya is sad, she has a right to be.

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