01 December 2010

Don't Apple Lawyers Have Better Things To Do?

MIC Gadget have produced a Steve Jobs action figure that comes complete with speech bubble cards of classic Jobs' phrases. It sells for USD 80 so it is not cheap. But, hey, Let's face it, people love their Apple and they love its founder, Steve Jobs. So, USD 80 sounds like a steal. And, it was of Apple's intellectual property rights.

In fact, it was a steal. The action figures sold out in no time at all. MIC Gadget marketed the figure as the "Phenomenal SJ Figurine". As you can see from the figurine, it is a dead ringer for Jobs down to the black turtleneck and the New Balance 991 joggers. The little iPhone and the Apple icon as a figurine stand are nice little touches.

However, it seems that MIC Gadget failed to get Apple's permission to use their intellectual property. Consequently, Apple's lacking a sense of humour lawyers fired off a "cease and desist" order to MIC Gadget. Game over! The figurine is no more. So, if you were one of the lucky few to get one on the first issue, then you currently have a collectors item that has significantly appreciated in value! Maybe not quite as much as an Apple Share or that of a Google share, but nonetheless it has appreciated in value.

MIC Gadget have apologised for their errors in producing and selling the doll. However, they have offered to continue to produce it, particularly if Apple was prepared to license it and, say, bundle it with the iPhone 4. These people at MIC Gadget really do have a great sense of humour. No word yet as to whether Apple is interested in taking MIC Gadget up on its offer.

The weird and wonderful world of corporate America, and perhaps business in general all over the world!

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