01 December 2010

Susan Boyle on "The View"...

You know you have made it when people start referring to you by the first couple of letters of your first and second names, and so it is with Susan Boyle or SuBo.

Unfortunately, for SuBo at least, someone forgot to tell her that The View is a live show and not pre-recorded. Therefore, if you do not hit your notes, then you do not hit your notes. There is simply none of this waving of the hands stuff and seeking to start again from scratch. SuBo that is not how live television works.

This little hiccup does not detract from her appeal. It was always a little quirky and out there anyways. What it does show people is that she is ever so human in the way she works and lives. And, that her voice is an exceptional gift no matter what the stage.


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