23 December 2010

Is This the Real Reason the Philippines Lost?

The Philippines went down 1-0 to Indonesia in the recent semi-final of the Asian Football Federation Suzuki Cup. Not long after that defeat, the above picture surfaced on Twitter courtesy of Rahma Azhari (@RaAzhari). The photo shows Rahma getting cozy with Simon McMenemy, the coach of the Philippines.

It appears that some supporters of the national team will go to extraordinary lengths to get a competitive advantage for their team.

Seriously though, the Indonesian national team is playing good football. The "Red and Whites" have reached the final on the back of excellent performances throughout the tournament.

So, how does Rahma Azhari get herself to an after-game party where the Philippines coach is? Is it a family thing that the Azhari's have a special interest in all things football?

Although, the last time I heard anything about Rahma Azhari it involved a good deal of nakedness and full-frontal nudity and a couple of shower scenes with her sister, Sarah Azhari. As I recall, those photos went "viral" on the web as well. Ah, Rahma, and controversy ... I wonder if I posted those pictures, hmmm!


Multibrand said...

Hi Rob,

Are you implying that we beat the Philippines just by bribing their coach with Rahma Azhari ?
Ha ha ha ha ......... LOL

Rob Baiton said...

@ Harry...

Not out of the realm of possibility, is it? ;)

Let's face it, the Malaysians have resorted to laser tactics to "blind-side" a rampant Indonesian national team, haven't they?

Mia said...

For the second leg of the final, bring on all Azhari sisters to land their claws on Rajagopal.. guaranteed win for Indonesia!