15 August 2010

Soccer & Dreams of Greatness -- Bebe & Manchester United...

It is always uplifting to read, or hear, a story that is rags to riches. So, the story of Tiago Manuel Dias Correia, or Bebe as he is known to his fans, being signed by Manchester United is one of those feel good stories.

Bebe was a homeless street child whose skills with a soccer (football for you purists out there) ball saw him play some amateur and third division soccer in Portugal.

Bebe has been signed for a handsome 7.4 million pounds. This bodes well for a pretty decent salary (even if he spends most of his time just warming the reserves bench.

Hopefully, Bebe comes good and lives up to the potential and the hype. If nothing else it will make a good movie. Kind of reminds me of that movie where the kid gets plucked out of obscurity and plays for Newcastle in the English Premier League; Goal: The Dream Begins.

Well, it is soccer time...I am off to watch Arsenal and Liverpool do battle in round one of the EPL.

Good night all.

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