07 August 2010

Odd Spots...

Friday and Saturday have been pretty dull days for me blog statistics wise. I guess the visits are inversely proportional (is that the right term / concept?) to the amount of smut or potentially smut-related posts that I do. I noticed my pot on Montana Fishburne trended pretty well there for a while.

Nope, this does not mean that more smut is on the way. Although, a disproportionate number of visitors are arriving here searching for a naked Luna Maya or Cut Tari, and hoping to find a full-frontal nude shot of BCL.

This post is just a random collection of factoids, trivia, and odd spots. David if you're out there and reading this, do your thing and shoot these things down in flames as impossibilities...I know you want to, and I know that you know that I want you to try!

So, here we go:

1. The average speed of an avalanche is 35km an hour;

2. One brow wrinkle is the result of 200,000 frowns (so, if you are like me, then you went something like "bugger me, I must have frowned a whole frackin' lot during my short years on this earth");

3. Chocolate contains the same chemical that your brain produces when you fall in love - phenylethylamine;

4. A blue whale's heart beats at nine beats a minute;

5. Pandas spend about 12 hours of each day eating bamboo;

6. Someone who has an irrational fear of meat is carnophobic;

7. A snail can sleep for three years;

8. The valves of a human heart are as thick as a single piece of tissue paper; and

9. A claque is a group of people who are hired to applaud an act or a performer.



David said...

I know that you know that I know that you want me to try -

1) Average speed of a Navalanche = 20 - 100Mph (32 - 160 Kph)

as for the rest, well, Mr Snapple said it so they must be true :-)


Rob Baiton said...

@ David...

Thanks ;)

Thanks for the links. The "Snapple" Wiki link I cannot recall if I have seen.

The Odd Spots, this time, came from somewhere else, a wrapper of some kind.