12 August 2010

Cut Tari -- Devastated...

Oh dear!

Cut Tari is devastated not because she is a married mother of one who has been terribly embarrassed by the fact that a sex tape allegedly of her and Nazriel "Ariel" Irham going at it like two rabbits in heat, but because of the fact that she admits to the tape being of her and young Ariel maintains that it is not him in the tape.

The mind boggles at the possibilities here, like for example: some fella who looks like Ariel of Peterpan fame convinced Cut Tari that he was in fact Ariel and that they should get down to business and she agreed. Or, Ariel is simply persisting because he is in denial and he believes that if he denies it enough then people will finally believe him.

Yet, what was really weird for me was that the 'devastation' that Cut Tari supposedly feels stems from the suggestion that Ariel's continued denial means that he did not love her at the time of the deed. My initial reaction is, "Cut, wake up and smell the coffee!" Ariel is certainly not the first bloke and neither will he be the last that will say anything to get laid. Look, if it takes the whispering of sweet nothings like, "of course, I will still love you after we do it" or "yes, I respect you...you mean the world to me" or my personal favourite of "we are soul mates, this is just so right, there is no one else for me but you!"

Apparently, during the early investigative phase of this case, the police sat Cut Tari and Ariel down in a room and showed them the tape. Cut is said to have fessed up that it was indeed her mug in the tape. However, Ariel's contribution went along the lines of "it is not me!" "I do not even like the chick, so why would I be sticking anything in her, let alone going to the trouble of filming it?"

At this point it became too much for Cut and she broke down in tears, and told her lawyer, the one and only, Hotman Paris, that Ariel's statement broke her heart. If I am not mistaken Cut Tari has supposedly moved on, got married, and started a family. I am having trouble understanding why the 'broken heart'? Is she suggesting that she has not moved on?

Or are we seeing that old stereotype played out that suggests that sex for women is a serious game that is difficult to separate from the emotional attachment. Whereas, for men it is a biological urge as simple, and as crude, as getting your end wet! I was recently watching a debate about the pros and cons of the women vs. men sex outside of marriage and commitment to and fro. Interesting.

Ho hum...


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