11 August 2010

"Niggers" and "Sand-Niggers" Are Not Offensive Words...Huh?

Since when?

Well, since a Queensland Magistrate, Michael O'Driscoll, ruled that the words "nigger", "sand-nigger", and "Abos" are not offensive to reasonable people. Therefore, if they are not offensive, Magistrate O'Driscoll, then I am free to use them without fear in this blogpost, aren't I?

The case involves a retired man, Denis Mulheron, who wrote a letter to his local member. The letter contained all the words noted above. Christine Turner, an employee of the local member, read the letter and was offended, and complained. In essence, the letter was demanding that there be a more stringent immigration policy adopted in order to keep the labeled individuals out of Australia.

It might be worth adding, although there is nothing worthy in Mulheron's letter, that he referred to Arabs not only as sand-niggers, but as sand-nigger terrorists. Mulheron also wants the Labor party to toughen up its immigration policy and implement laws that would exclude Muslim women who have been circumcised.

Mulheron's excuse, which Magistrate O'Driscoll seemingly took into account, was that "I'm not a member of the cafe, chardonnay and socialist set ... to me that is everyday language". And?

In any event, Magistrate O'Driscoll determined that the letter did not contain language that was strong enough to be punishable, as the reasonable person would not be offended. I guess this is a slap in the face for Ms. Turner who now knows that she is not a reasonable person.

On that score, I wonder what Magistrate O'Driscoll's views are on other terms such as "Gook", "Slope", "Chink", "Coon", "Boong", or "Faggot", among myriad of other derogatory and, seemingly until now, offensive terms?

I would also like to meet this reasonable person. I always thought that I was reasonable, and these words are offensive to me. Yet, it is important that I write them down and that you read them as they are and not as "n*gger" or "f_ _ _ _t" because they are so much more offensive to the naked eye when all the letters are present.

If nothing else, this must be about respect! We must respect our diversity, we must embrace our difference, and we must above all live in peaceful co-existence with others. Perhaps it is time Magistrate O'Driscoll considered common decency and had a little respect for his fellow men and women who inhabit this great land of ours, because reaction to Magistrate O'Driscoll's decision suggests that there are a lot more people who are offended by the words than those who are not!

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