03 August 2010

The FPI and Promises of a Raid-Free Ramadan...

Now, here's a deal...the Islamic Defenders' Front (FPI) has informed the government of Jakarta that they will not undertake any raids of nightspots or entertainment venues provided that the government uphold the prevailing laws and regulations that apply during Ramadan. In particular, the FPI have been referring to a 2004 bylaw which regulates trading hours for bars, clubs, and other entertainment venues, such as pool halls.

The problem with this claim by the FPI is that it just is simply not going to be the case for the whole month. Hopefully, I will be eating humble pie come the end of Ramadan and stating unequivocally that the FPI have done as they said and kept their robes, balaclavas, sticks and stones in the cupboard and let law enforcement do their job. Truth be told, law enforcement do their job every year, but it has never been enough to satisfy the FPI in the past so it is hard to imagine that it will be any different this year.

Traditionally, and almost like clockwork, the FPI goons come out en masse and select an entertainment venue to trash based on a bogus claim that the venue is operating outside the provisions of the law.

If Ramadan is about restraint and purification of one's soul through reflection and prayer, then it would make more sense for the FPI to show a little tolerance and restraint, and rather than smashing up bars and clubs spend a little more time on reflection and prayer.

Meanwhile, here are a few photos for your viewing pleasure of various venues and random people in bars and clubs throughout Jakarta. And a couple of photos of the FPI in action throughout the archipelago.

These are the viewing pleasure photos...


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