03 August 2010

Lindsay Lohan Goes to Rehab...

Lindsay Lohan has been sentenced to 90 days 14 days in jail! No, she was sentenced to 90 days, but overcrowding in the US penal system means that perpetrators of "less" serious (non-violent) crimes tend to do a fraction of the sentence imposed upon them.

Yes, that's right folks, 90 days became 14 days and the remainder to supposedly be served in a rehab center. Now, for some rehab is probably not all that different from jail. Nevertheless, the girl was sentenced to 90 days and it would have been reasonable to expect that she would have seen a few more days behind bars than the mere 14 that she ended up doing. This is particularly so considering that she was given ample opportunities to mend her ways. Ultimately, she was sentenced to prison time for violations of her strict probation conditions.

In the end, Lohan did less time than Michelle Rodriguez (of Lost fame) and Paris Hilton.

I wonder if anyone is running a book as to how long it will be before she is in trouble again?

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