11 August 2010

The KPK & The Police...

It is not like we did not know that this was coming, was it?

The police have finally admitted what we all already knew, they have no recordings! Yes folks, that is right, the police have nothing, they have squat, they have diddly, they are an embarrassment to themselves and to Indonesian law enforcement in general.

So, what did the police offer up as proof that they had done the right thing in pursing this to the n-th degree in order to detain two commissioners of the Corruption Eradication Commission, a copy of phone records and SMS records. Oh dear!

Therefore, the police case was based on the testimony of a man who would seemingly do anything, and say anything to save his skin, by alleging that Bibit Samad Rianto and Chandra M Hamzah were on the take to the tune of IDR 5.1 billion, and some phone records, but no recordings. Oh dear!

The last time I checked it was not illegal to make phone calls nor was it criminal to send and receive SMS. Please, tell us that the Chief of Police ordered an investigation to verify that any of these alleged communication were in any way illicit. Please, please, please...Oh dear!

In other words, or just "simple terms", the police have had nothing, and they have had nothing all along. They have victimised two innocent men, they have brutalised their reputations, and they have caused them significant harm for a record of phone numbers and SMS.

Heads should must roll! The Chief of Police needs to be the first head to roll!


thathappen said...

indonesian kpk must work harder, they mustn't accept any bribe

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