11 August 2010

Abu Bakar Bashir & The Australian Embassy Bombing...

The pathological hatred that Abu Bakar Bashir (Ba'asyir) has for Australia is legendary. But, from where does it stem? Is it a simple hating of all things Western of which Australia is the closest and most convenient outlet for his vitriol dressed up as representing "real" Islam? Or is there something more there? This post is not really seeking to answer those questions.

Nevertheless, perhaps this time the police can make the charges stick with respect to his involvement in the most recent plotting to bomb foreign embassies in Jakarta, hotels, and assassinate high-ranking Indonesian political figures. The plans were at the "early stages" according to police.

Ba'asyir is the spiritual leader of violent anti-West Jihadis hell-bent on destroying anything that does not conform to his very warped interpretation of Islam and the mission of the Prophet Muhammad. What is more intriguing this time around is that having splintered from Jemaah Islamiyya (Islamiah) it would seem that Indonesians and Indonesian interests have become legitimate targets in his war on everything.

The police case seems to rest on Ba'asyir organising and funding the most recent development of "sleeper" cells based in Aceh. The police have said that they have a strong case. The police have said this before, only to see Teflon Ba'asyir have all the charges fall by the wayside like a piece of bacon from a Teflon pan!

Ba'asyir is not representative of Islam nor is he representative of Indonesian Islam. We should not forget that in analysing what has transpired here and what will transpire in any subsequent investigation, prosecution, trial, and sentencing. Ba'asyir's brand of radical, fundamental, and violent Islam harms the perception of Indonesians as tolerant people. Indonesians recognise this,and it will be Indonesians themselves that will show that there is a groundswell for tolerance...

Now, if the government would just be a little more pro-active on disbanding those goons pretending to be righteous Muslims who call themselves the FPI!

Ho hum...

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