16 July 2010

The World Cup 2010 -- A Body Paint Retrospective...

Surprisingly enough I watched most of the 2010 World Cup. I do not mind watching some good football. This is not to say that every game was a cracker and worth the price of admission. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it and I enjoyed watching it.

The final was a bit of a let down, on a personal level, I was hoping that the Dutch would get up for the win. However, in the big scheme of things it really did not bother me that Spain won. The game was interesting to watch for the comparison between the beautiful and brutal game adopted by Spain and The Netherlands respectively. I cannot recall a game where I have seen so many yellow cards and only one red one.

Now, on with the show. This retrospective is about what could have been. There definitely needs to be more fans getting into the body paint thing. This would ensure that the cameramen and camerawomen had something to do when the game became a little boring. Besides, I am not sure if anyone else has noticed this, there is a lot of crowd shots and close up shots of good looking crowd members (usually women) at all sporting events now. I noticed this not only at the world cup but also on the cricket last night on the television. I can understand it in cricket, there needs to be something to break up the monotony of watching the grass grow.

So, this post is about the fans that we did not see in the crowd (these are the more tame pictures that I found).

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