21 July 2010

Krisdayanti, Oh Krisdayanti....

It seems that Krisdayanti, or KD as she is known to the masses, is apparently ready, willing, and able to get hitched, tie the knot, make it all formal, and get married! However, there are some concerns about whether her lover, Raul Lemos is quite as ready. It would seem that there is still some dispute as to whether he is divorced or married.

Krisdayanti has no problem with public displays of affection, and presumably her knickers either, and was happily kissing her 'still' married man during a press conference. I am not sure how her ex feels about the public nature of the displays, but Anang Hermansyah has been somewhat reserved in his responses to date.

Nevertheless, it seems that KD has the touch, or at least her lips do the trick, because Raul certainly calmed down a whole lot after being kissed by his mistress. Unfortunately, being asked about a supposed application for political asylum gets the Timor Leste man a little hot under the collar.

Another interesting aside is that KD has stated somewhat unequivocally that she is prepared to retire from her singing career if this is what her husband (assuming KD and Raul get married) wants. Perhaps Raul has seen these photos on the internet and decided that the stage is not the place for his wife to be?

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