20 July 2010

Kopi Luwak -- A Postscript...

The MUI has decided that Kopi Luwak (Luwak Coffee) is OK for consumption by Muslims. This means that the MUI sees no need to issue a fatwa prohibiting Muslims from drinking really expensive coffee. I have had a mug or two in my time of the kopi luwak, and it is an excellent drop. Nevertheless, it is a luxury that is currently out of my price range.

I am not Muslim so a fatwa would make no difference to me anyway. But, I am a little confused by the reasoning of the MUI on this one. Perhaps some of my Muslim readers or other informed souls will see fit to enlighten me. The concern here was whether the coffee was the product of something that was najis, or ritually impure. If it was, then Muslims would be required to avoid it or drink it and seemingly be in a perpetual state of najasat (ritual impurity).

Kopi Luwak is coffee that is made from beans that have been eaten by a civet and then excreted whole. My understanding was that the civet was najis in the same ways that dogs and pigs are considered najis. In addition, we are talking about coffee beans that have been eaten by something that is najis and then this najis little civet craps out the beans which are then collected, cleaned, ground, and sold for big dollars.

The MUI decision not to act is based on the belief that if the beans remain in tact and are thoroughly cleaned and there is no fecal contamination then the coffee is fine to drink, at least this is the story according to Ma'ruf Amin.

This must mean that the MUI is going to certify the production process or it will have to have a little bean checker dude checking each and every been as it is processed.

Oh well, happy kopi luwak drinking time to all!


H. Nizam said...

Hi Rob,
I am glad that MUI has finally come to its sense this time.

Beside dogs and pigs, feces are also considered najis.
And considering that kopi luwak was processed in the Civet's belly and disposed as Feces through the Civet's behind, therefore it is categorized as Najis.

Robert Wright said...

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Robert Wright said...

Here you can buy original Weasel Kopi Luwak