15 July 2010

Luna Maya Gets Arrested...

Well, it was really only a matter of time before the police upped the ante on this one and arrested Luna Maya and placed her in custody. The official reason the police have given is that she is being "uncooperative".

It is hard to determine whether or not this should be read as just not wanting to make a statement or answer police questions or whether she is actively obstructing the investigation of the police. In any event, she is now in custody and enjoying the hospitality of the Indonesian National Police Force.

She is being held under provision in the Anti-Pornography Law and the Criminal Code. This is interesting because the police had rather steadfastly maintained that she was a victim in this incident. So, by arresting her are the police suggesting she is no longer a victim but rather a part of the much larger plot to produce and disseminate amateur porn?

If either Luna Maya or Nazriel "Ariel" Irham were looking for a career change then they probably should have put more effort into producing a quality piece of work, particularly if they are going to have to do some jail time for it.

On the flip side of this equation is Cut Tari. Apparently, she continues to breath the sweet air of freedom on the outside of a cell because she has been, and continues to be, cooperative. By confessing to being the woman in the sex tape does somewhat limit her options for being uncooperative.

Ho hum...

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