01 July 2010

Drugs in Indonesia...

When will foreigners (and some Indonesians) learn? Drug related offenses are considered to be serious criminal offenses that attract harsh penalties. You are not in your country of origin and the standards you might expect may not be available to you. The slap on the wrist you might feel you are entitled to is not likely to be forthcoming just because you are a foreigner.

Three foreign students, and two of their Indonesian friends, were arrested in Bali for marijuana and hashish possession. They are now facing the prospect of four years in the slammer. If played right, they are likely to do 5 - 7 months as drug addicts, and this is likely to be time served as their individual cases are more than likely to play out over 5 months or so.

The urine tests were positive for drugs. Assuming these positive tests related to THC then the appointed lawyers might decide the best course of action is to plead addiction.

Not everything is a stitch-up designed to shake-down the innocent for cash!

The happy snappy is supposedly of law enforcement burning the marijuana and the heroin that sent Schapelle Corby and the Bali Nine to long-term jail sentences and death sentences (for some).

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