19 July 2010

Bird Flu Still A Problem in Indonesia?

It would seem that bird flu is still a problem in Indonesia. To be honest, I do the rounds of sites focusing on Indonesian news on an almost daily basis (OK, I lie, I do it on a daily basis).

One story that I have not seen for a while is bird flu related deaths. This is in rather stark contrast to when the bird flu scare first arrived in Indonesia and the fear that it would develop into a pandemic that could potential wipe out tens of thousands of Indonesians where death was an almost daily reporting occurrence.

So, it is an attention grabber when Antara puts out a news bite that highlights a health official in Central Java confirming that the recent death of a young girl was bird flu related. The girl dies in Sukuharjo. However, the health official noted that despite the confirmation from the lab in Jakarta that the young girl was positive for bird flu, the health department was still not sure as to where the girl was infected.

We still have family that live in Indonesia, a rural kampung outside of Java, so it is always a worry.

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