19 July 2010

Luna Maya -- Law Student and Porn Star...

It is hard not to feel for Luna Maya. She seems to be a really nice young woman caught up in something that she never would have imagined for herself in a lifetime of entertainment. It is funny how those things happen when one is least expecting them to. She is most definitely a reluctant porn star and appears genuinely remorseful for placing herself in such a situation.  

It might be argued that if you play with fire, then it is only a matter of time before you get burned. This may be true, but it is also unfair to watch a person be victimised and vilified for at its very worst a misjudgment in allowing herself to be filmed in a compromising position. 

The reality remains that no one would have ever seen this video or been any of the wiser about its existence but for the commission of a crime. That crime, I put to you, ladies and gentlemen of the court of public opinion, is not the making of the mobile camera video, but rather the theft of that film and its subsequent publication on the internet. Luna Maya is innocent.

It is hard to work out whether this is just an unfortunate coincidence or a case of a very sad irony, but Luna Maya is also a law student. She is in her fifth semester at the Langlang Buana University in Bandung. The law faculty has been quick to note that she has been an above average student and successful in her studies to date. But, without missing a beat, the Dean of the Faculty has also said that there would be no problem expelling her if she was found guilty of a crime. 

Although, it would be of no surprise if she was expelled for other reasons that were unrelated to her most recent porn acting credits, such as failure to attend sufficient numbers of classes or some other administrative reason. Then again, guilty or not, perhaps the university and faculty expel her for bringing the name of the university into disrepute by linking it forever with pornography.

In a perfect world, she cannot be expelled as she has simply not committed any crime. Nevertheless, it would be  understatement in the extreme to say that stranger things have happened in Indonesia. 

I hope that the storm in a tea cup that this is will soon blow over and all those involved can get back to some semblance of normalcy in their respective lives. Their lives are never going to be the same as this will always be there, out there, in cyber space. But, it has been milked by the gossip shows for all it is worth, it is now time to move onto something of much greater importance to the future of Indonesia.

How about education? Specifically, how about making university education affordable to anyone who wants to have a crack at it?


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