10 September 2010

Women and Men -- What Women Really Want...

I could not resist posting this little tid bit of information on a little piece of research that suggests that men and women are not all that different after all when it comes to choosing a partner.

D & M Research have done some research (kind of seems appropriate considering their name) by surveying 2800 women and have found that the majority of women look for looks and sex appeal when looking at a man.

I am not sure that a sample of 2800 will convince the vast majority of people out there that women really do look at men as sex objects and as man bags (accessories). But, at least, it will give us men something to chat about over coffee down at the pub!

So, women of the world, your secret is out. There are much more base and primal instincts at play than you have been caring to admit, huh?

The survey results actually revealed most of what was expected, namely women will say things like honesty, trustworthiness, love, respect and humour are important. But, when it gets down to the nitty gritty, what really matters is a hot bod that you will feel comfortable with taking to bed, and a little masculinity thrown in as icing on the cake.

Johnny Depp, George Clooney, Hugh Jackman, and Rob Baiton rated well as the type of men that women were looking for. However, Kyle Sandilands, Shane Warne and Tiger Woods rated pretty poorly with respect to what women were looking for in a man.

So, there you go!

But, as a final point (and tongue in cheek for all you literal types out there), how do the ugly blokes get laid again? Is it lots of beer and spirits?

The mind boggles at the human condition.

Ho hum...

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