26 September 2010

Paris Hilton Opens a Store in Indonesia...

It would appear that there is nothing that Paris Hilton will not try her hand at. She has already tried acting (sitcom reality shows, movies, and porn / skin flicks), drug taking, and a few others not necessary to note here. Her latest venture, although she already has 28 of them already opened, is designer shopping stores. The majority of these stores are apparently in the Asia and Middle East Region. The shops cater for those in need of handbags and accessories.

The Indonesian store, which opened just this weekend, is located in Grand Indonesia. It is the Grand Indonesia because, even by Indonesian mall standards, the place is pretty grand. So, it would make sense of Hilton to open a store in one of the grandest places in town.

The intention was that Ms. Hilton would personally attend the opening of the Jakarta store. But, as most of us who are followers of Ms. Hilton know, she did not make it past Japan. The Japanese customs authorities decided that a young woman with a drug conviction was persona non grata and barred her from entering. Unfortunately, this meant that she took the next available charter back to the US. So, there was not going to be any short store-opening stop over in Jakarta.

However, not to be deterred, Paris did attend the store opening by video conference and Tweeted all the necessary bits and pieces related to the opening.

So, now that there has been a post about Ms. Hilton, it is time for the obligatory photos.



H. Nizam said...

Hi Rob,
One of the reasons why I kept coming back to your blog is the photos you posted, WOW! Too bad she cancelled her visit.

Rob Baiton said...

@ Harry...

Really? You keep coming back for the pictures? Oh well.

Perhaps, it is too bad. I know a few people who were expecting to party with her in J-Town...maybe next time ;)

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