04 September 2010

Geert Wilders, Feiz Muhammad, and a Call for a Beheading...

Geert Wilders is a controversial figure to say the least. He is the Leader of the Dutch Freedom Party. His primary policy platform is to wind back immigration in Holland. This is to prevent the Islamisation of Holland. His staunch anti-Islam stance has ensured that he is quite often the focal point of any discussion that relates to Islam and its spread through Europe.

This attention has also seen a number of Muslims calling for him to be killed. The most recent of these calls comes from an Australian cleric, Feiz Muhammad. According to Feiz, Wilders is Satan and as such deserves to be beheaded as he frequently denigrates Islam.

Feiz is a controversial fellow in Australia. He has frequently called for local Muslims to radicalise their children and take up the fight (jihad).

Personally, I do not think Wilders has the answers to the big questions. I do not believe in the same things that he does. The way to beat this fellow is to beat him with sustained logical and rational argument. It is not censorship or restricting what Wilders can or cannot say about Islam.

The last couple of photos are here only to highlight the belief that Wilders holds about Islam seeking out world domination, and the way that he polarises opinion in such a way that there are regular and constant calls for the man to be killed in the name of Islam.

Threats only beget threats in the same way that Gandhi noted that an eye for an eye only serves to make the whole world blind.

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