05 September 2010

Father's Day -- 2010...

Father's Day 2010 was a simple affair that included a little bit for Father's and a little for Grancher's.

There was the obligatory card exchange, followed closely with a gift or two. I ended up with a couple of books that I really wanted. I have developed a bit of a library over the years. All of the books that I have acquired I have read at least once. My wife tells me that I exhibit tell-tale hoarder signs because some of these books have not been touched in years. Argh, you just never know when these books might come in handy. Besides some of the books I have are first editions and worth a little bit of money if I was ever tempted to sell them.

But I digress...lunch was a family affair of roast lamb and baked vegetables followed by apple crumble, cherries and ice cream.

So, a Happy Father's Day to all of those you who have had the good fortune of celebrating it today!

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