23 September 2010

Life in a Small Town...

I am now into the fourth day and, I have to say, it has been enjoyable. Cootamundra High School is a good little school and the staff are very accommodating and helpful. I am looking forward to spending four weeks here to complete my final practicum. It would have been nice to have Dyah and Will here as well, but they are house and dog sitting...so, I will just have to go this one on my own.

As a consequence of my newly minted "early to bed, early to rise" philosophy, I was awake and chirpy by about 5.15 this morning. So, I figured in my early morning zeal and vigour for life that I would go for a walk. I did not bother to look out the window, it was on with the clothes and out the door.

Perhaps a quick look-see would have revealed an alternate plan.

The road home appears to be a foggy one, at least really early in the morning!

Not to be defeated in my mission I ploughed ahead and walked the streets of Cootamundra. There is a great little early opener called "the Outback Cafe". It serves good, and fresh, hot bread. There were plenty of cakes too, but I figured that would defeat the purpose of exercising. That said, it was a tempting thought to just buy some cakes and eat them while I walked.

It was foggy and cool, but surprisingly there were lots of people out and about.

On my wandering ways I passed a little clothes shop, one of several in bustling Cootamundra. It was not the quality of the clothes that caught my eye, but this t-shirt certainly did.

I guess Cootamundra is not as "small town" as I thought it might be :D


H. Nizam said...

Hi Rob,
Small towns have their advantages compared to big cities: peace and quiet, therefore enable us to think more clearly.

pj said...

I think cake is a very good reason for walking. Not to mention pies, donuts, turnovers, fritters, danishs, croissants and bearclaws. Rnjoy that pastoral life!

Rob Baiton said...

@ Harry...

Yep, they do! The peace and quiet is nice. The genuine friendliness to the greetings from strangers is also a pleasant change.

I don't know on the thinking more clearly front. I tend to think that I think pretty clearly most, if not all, of the time.

I am certainly enjoying the change of pace.

@ PJ...

Yeah, not all that hard to find an excuse really.

So far, so good on the enjoyment front.