04 September 2010

Marketing a "D+" Education...

Drake University has just embarked on a new marketing campaign in order to attract new students to its campus. Drake University is located in Des Moines, Iowa.

I am trying to reconcile why anyone would want a D+ education, particularly when one considers that an A+ education might hold you in better stead in garnering some gainful employment post-graduation.

It is amazing that none of the marketing gurus involved in the development of this campaign noticed the obvious "alternate" interpretation of the "D+" slogan. It is even more interesting that no one at Drake University picked up on it either.

Is a refund possible for current and / or prospective students that no longer want a D+ education?

Ho hum...


lawbugger said...

Do they use an alphabetically graded system at Duke or in the US generally I wonder?

eg if it said an HD eduction would it mean much? To me, in my day, it would mean a lot. But are HD's still awarded??

lawbugger said...

sorry Drake. I got my ducks mixed up with my ratu's

Rob Baiton said...

@ Lawbugger...

I did some of my uni education in the US of A. When I was there it was letter grades A - D and then an F. Although, I must add, I was there in 1992 (how old does that make me,eh?)

I am studying now in an Australian university and I am being awarded grades that use a HD, D, C, P, and F system. There are a couple of others that are awarded in special circumstances. So, yes, HDs are still awarded.

It might mean something if you were telling an employer you were maintaining a HD average throughout your degree. Some like me leverage it for as much as you can: I am maintaining a high credit average - mainly credits and distinctions, and a solitary pass (long story).

No worries on the mix up...Duke is a good school, but I went to UNC-Chapel Hill which is so much better!


lawbugger said...

Well you did well (scholarship?) and are doing well. Congrats. I just learned the difference between the terms jail and prison as used in the US. Do they distinguish in Oz and Indonesia I wondered. I dont meant the state-federal thing, but their differing roles.

Btw I am assuming you have few criticisms of your new round of study - I frequently hear of large and few tute groups at uni and of student-staff ratios higher than in sec schools. Will oz unis continue to cut it at their high international price??

Interested to reply?

Rob Baiton said...

@ Lawbugger...


The jail and prison thing does not need any comment, does it?

Any criticisms I have will not be voiced until I have safely graduated. Yet, there are certainly issues with universities loading up on student numbers in order to ensure funding and income levels are maintained.

Most of my tutorial classes are of a reasonable size. That said, I have consciously chosen unpopular time slots. Lectures of 320 people in a 280-person lecture theatre is a hassle.

Is the question about international price one you are baiting me to answer?

lawbugger said...

For sure. I mean a good law or engineering degree at UI for not much versus 100 000 AUD ++ and more in Oz.

I know int students in Oz love the experience, but can their parents continue to justify/pay for it?

More and more students are going there for the work visa, not to return I fear.

Rob Baiton said...

@ Lawbugger...

Surely, the justification or the ability to pay is an issue for the parents, innit?

Really it is up to them. Universities will charge what they can get / what people are prepared to pay. If it is AUD 100K then that must represent a figure that people are willing to pay.

I looked into doing a MH (could not do an LLM at the time I looked at it) at UI. As a foreigner they were looking at getting me to pay upwards of USD 10K a semester I think. I could do it cheaper back in Australia and opted to put it off to some later date.

With respect to the work visa. That probably says a thing or two about the quality of life / work that people find in Indonesia and then expect to find in Australia, don't you think?

I am not commenting on the truth of the perception, I am only noting that it exists.