21 September 2010

In The Country...

The posts the past few days have been floating around in my skull while I figured out an internet connection. I am currently doing my third, and last, pracitcum placement. I am doing this in a town called Cootamundra. I cannot remember exactly the last time I was in Cootamundra, but it must have been 25, maybe 30, years ago. I used to live in a neighbouring town, Young (the Cherry Capital of the world). And, before that, a really small town called Monteagle.

I am teaching, or at least will be, at Cootamundra High School (photos in a later post) for 4 weeks next school term. I am here this week to observe. Unfortunately, being the last week of term, it has been as most schools are, relaxed. Relaxed in the sense that the classes I am scheduled to teach, Year 11, have just finished exams and have had a camp organised for today. Tomorrow they are on sport and Thursday they get results back, and Friday is expected to see very few students make it to class. So, on the observation front, I have done lots but just not of the students I was hoping to.

Nevertheless, I am getting to observe some other classes. They have a LOTE (languages other than English) stream. Funnily enough, it is Indonesian. So, I am getting to test out my Indonesian in a teaching setting with Year 7 students. Sadly, they are not seemingly all that keen...oh well!

Cootamundra is about 40 minutes from Young. So, seeing I drove out here for the week, I figured I would duck on over to Young and visit my childhood home (there is a ghost story there, but maybe that is for a post for another time).

Visit in the Baiton sense was drive past, park, get out of the car, and then photograph it, jump back in the car and leave again (that photo is attached here). Young has many good memories for me, as does the old home.

It is funny how the memories work, things were so different in how the yard looks, yet there was also something that remains forever familiar.

My Nan used to live next door, so it was good to see both houses again. It was an opportunity to have a little chuckle about the mischief that my brother, sister, and I used to get up to in our youth.

Life goes on!

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