14 September 2010

Confused, I Think...

I have bought a few books in my time from Amazon and I subscribe to get updates on books that I might be interested in. I received an email earlier today suggesting that I might be interested in a book on "Elastic Waves at High Frequencies ...". Amazon thinks that I would be interested in this book because I had purchased and rated Ian Brownlie's Book, "Principles of Public International Law".

I am not quite sure why Amazon would think this. I really, really sucked at science at school. In fact, I sucked so bad at science that I have done everything in power to avoid having to do it again. The only time I have even been remotely scientific since high school was during a course I did on forensic law at university. The forensic law course was excellent, but I was not inspired to go back and revisit science on any grand scale. I had pretty much determined that if I was ever to need forensic skills in law, then I would hire an expert to give that testimony and commit myself to gaining a sufficient skill set to examine in chief and cross examine without looking foolish. Period!

Anyways...Amazon, thanks but no thanks on this one!

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