03 August 2008

What Makes A Killer?

This is a story out of Canada and involves a bus, 37 passengers, one of whom is a killer, and one is a victim. What makes this story interesting is the location of the crime and the complete randomness that seems to permeate it.

The killing was a frenzied attack that resulted in multiple stab wounds, a beheading, and the allegations of flesh eating. The allegation of flesh eating would seem to be true as it was made by a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer who was on the scene at the time and relaying information back to other officers.

The RCMP have since issued a statement saying it was aware that the radio transmission had been leaked to the Internet and said that the tape itself was "operational police communications and not meant for public consumption". I am not sure that a pun was intended here.

RCMP officers responded to a call on a remote stretch of the TransCanada Highway near Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, after reports of a killing on a Greyhound bus travelling from Edmonton, Alberta to Winnipeg, Manitoba were reported.

The killer, Vince Weiguang Li, is alleged to have killed Tim McLean. An official identification has not been released but friends and family of McLean have identified him as the victim. McLean's death was as violent as it appears random. Li hacked off McLean's head after a frenzied stabbing attack that involved dozens of stab wounds. Witnesses are saying that they were alerted to the attack by a blood-curdling scream, presumably from the McLean. Most of the passengers were sleeping or watching a movie having just re-boarded the bus after a short break.

What is truly weird about the attack is that the alleged killer, Li, is being spoken about as a kind down to earth man without any previous indications that he was prone to this kind of violent rage. By all accounts he was a simple paper delivery man looking to better his lot in life.

I wonder what makes a seemingly nice person all of a sudden turn into a violent flesh-eating killer?

This is no doubt worthy of further research.


Anonymous said...

Quick buy the movie rites. It could really do well here as "Horror on the Metro mini"!!!!!
What about "How I lost my head in Jakarta Traffic"

I could go on, but no.....


Rob Baiton said...

With Indonesian's love or penchant for horror films, I am sure a film of it would do well here too...

Yet, the story outside of teh couple of hours that follow the few minutes of frenzied blood-letting seems a little bit boring!