17 August 2008

Indonesian Political Parties -- 2009 Election

The following is the most up-to-date list of the political parties set to contest the 2009 General Elections. The list includes the four parties that recently won the right to participate after the State Administrative Court agreed with their application that the General Elections Commission had erred in excluding them from the original line up.

There are now 38 parties set to contest the General Election and a further 6 parties that are permitted to contest the General Election in the Province of Aceh. The four additional parties have been allocated the numbers 41, 42, 43, and 44, respectively. However, as they are set to contest the General Election throughout the archipelago I have slotted them in between numbers 34 and 35.

The List:

1. People's Conscience Party (Partai Hati Nurani Rakyat / Partai Hanura)
Awareness for the Nation Party (Partai Karya Peduli Bangsa)
Indonesian Entrepreneur and Workers Party (Partai Pengusaha dan Pekerja Indonesia)
National People's Awareness Party (Partai Peduli Rakyat Nasional)
Great Indonesia Movement Party (Partai Gerakan Indonesia Raya / Gerindra)
National Front Party (Partai Barisan Nasional / Barnas)
Indonesian Justice and Unity Party (Partai Keadilan dan Persatuan Indonesia)
Prosperous Justice Party (Partai Keadilan Sejahtera)
National Mandate Party (Partai Amanat Nasional)
New Indonesia Party for Struggle (Partai Perjuangan Indonesia Baru)
Sovereignty Party (Partai Kedaulatan)
Regional Unity Party (Partai Persatuan Daerah)
National Awakening Party (Partai Kebangkitan Bangsa)
Indonesian Youth Party (Partai Pemuda Indonesia)
Indonesian National Party Marhaenism (Partai Nasional Indonesia Marhaenisme)
Democratic Renewal Party (Partai Demokrasi Pembaruan / PDP)
Party of Struggle (Partai Karya Perjuangan)
National Sun Party (Partai Matahari Bangsa)
Indonesian Defenders of Democracy Party (Partai Penegak Demokrasi Indonesia)
Democratic Nationalist Party (Partai Demokrasi Kebangsaan)
Archipelago Republic Party (Partai Republik Nusantara)
Pioneer Party (Partai Pelopor)
Golkar Party (Partai Golongan Karya)
United Development Party (Partai Persatuan Pembangunan)
Prosperous Peace Party (Partai Damai Sejahtera)
Indonesian National Populist Fortress Party (Partai Nasional Benteng Kerakyatan Indonesia)
Crescent Star Party (Partai Bulan Bintang)
Indonesian Democratic Party for Struggle (Partai Demokrasi Indonesia Perjuangan)
Reform Star Party (Partai Bintang Reformasi)
Patriot Party (Partai Patriot)
Democratic Party (Partai Demokrat)
Indonesian Democratic Party of Devotion (Partai Kasih Demokrasi Indonesia)
Prosperous Indonesia Party (Partai Indonesia Sejahtera)
Ulema National Awakening Party (Partai Kebangkitan Nasional Ulama)

41. Freedom Party (Partai Merdeka)
42. Indonesian Nahdlatul Community Party (Partai Nahdlatul Ummah Indonesia)
43. Islam Unity Party (Partai Sarikat Islam)
44. Labor Party (Partai Buruh)

35. Prosperous and Safe Aceh Party (Partai Aceh Aman Sejahtera)
36. Aceh Sovereignty Party (Partai Daulat Atjeh)
37. Independent Voice of the Acehnese Party (Partai Suara Independen Rakyat Aceh)
38. Aceh People's Party (Partai Rakyat Aceh)
39. Aceh Party (Partai Aceh)
40. Aceh Unity Party (Partai Bersatu Aceh)


Katadia said...

Thanks for the list Rob. I'll browse through it since I need to make an informed decision for my next election (probably in Canberra). :)

What is Enterpreneur and Workers party? Don't the two have conflicting interests????? (Might as well throw "the unemployed" in there!)

The thing that bugs me with all these "parties" is that they don't have clear ideological tags. It's hard for some housewife like me to know who is for what. Last election, all want to make a better, and just Indonesia, but they're really lacking coherent "anything"! We saw RM09's website. He was basically outlining his campaign techniques/strategies with no real policy offers.

What happened to Partai Indonesia Baru? And which party is Sandiaga Uno involved with? He's been featured in every single issue of this Globe Asia magazine that we get from a Newsagency in Canberra. Seems like someone is prepping him to be the next dude.

Rob Baiton said...


Browse away! If you check out Wikipedia I think that you will find that most of the parties on the list have a website (varying quality).

The Jakarta Post has it as the Employers and Workers Party, but I think entrepreneur better captures the intent. You should know already that the unemployed do not rank too highly in the parties consciousness until campaign time (or as it is also known, Nasi bungkus and free t-shirt time).

The ideological tag you are looking for is, "me, me, me, and me".

I would need to check on PIP but if it is not on the list then in all likelihood it did not pass muster in terms of the thresholds set out for participation.

Yep, in just about every issue of, the Riady sponsored, Globe Asia. I do not think he is being prepped to be the next dude, but I guess it depends on your definition of dude. I do not know what party he is affiliated with. I will ask him and let you know.

Arovell said...

Could you tell me which political parties are the more major ones?

Rob Baiton said...


Thanks for stopping by and the question.

By my reckoning the bigger parties are: 8, 23, and 28.

The minor parties of varying degrees of size are: 9, 13, 24, 27, and 31.

Hope this helps!

junny said...

can you tell me some of the leaders from the bigger parties?

Rob Baiton said...

@ Junny...

This is a post from 2008. Do you want to know the leaders of the political parties from back then? Or do you want some of the current ones from 2010?

More than happy to provide both if that is what you want.


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